While, towards a light year
Our closest reality and the furthest one are sometimes equally inaccesible to us. We need tools, maps, microscopes, telescopes to discern how such realities are. Hence, what are the possible relations in between celestial bodies and human ones? I find exceedingly inspiring to be involved in an exploration that constellates these two opposite scales. This research aims to reflect about our position in the world in relation to other bodies, both terrestrial and celestial, and about the distances in between them. Distance brings us back to proximity, as opposites, so the reflection about the distance between bodies is also present. Einstein’s Relativity Theory has taught us that the distance between the elements in the universe affect gravity and how light travels, so there is also a very physical and tangible dimension to distance and closeness that we can delve in. I want to believe that this relationship between what is inside and outside from us, what is close and afar, can awaken our environmental awareness. Considering the inside, the idea of understanding the body as an open space can make ourselves more permeable, therefore, more sensitive to the environment. Considering the outside, the fact of understanding our smallness in relation to the whole universe evidences our lack of supremacy. 
How our «spatial ship» / light installation / temporary home was growing along the process of building the piece. Based on the iconography of the altars we are so familiar with in our Andalusian culture.